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Web Analytics for Retail

Case Study : Web Analytics for Retail


Major U.S.-based retail client with a presence in 84 countries and 2.2 million customers who use their online shopping platform to purchase products. In addition to their ecommerce site, they have 150+ other web properties to meet their business needs.


Client engaged Divensi’s technology services to help implement and improve web analytics on three of their core web properties, including the ecommerce site.


Divensi was asked to partner with the retail company to better understand the business needs, perform an analysis, and provide an effective solution to monitor customer behavior, product marketing, and web analytics.

Divensi’s technical and functional team integrated with the client’s business team and functional team to understand each entity in detail and capture customer behavior and activities as customers browsed the web properties. Our technical team configured Omniture and Tealeaf, and implemented web analytics, marketing, and customer behavior capture property bags on the web pages. All the captured data was brought locally into the Data Warehouse to be consumed, analyzed, and ultimately to promote products on ecommerce site based on results. Our team provided deliverables in 3-week sprints.


  • Adobe Omniture
  • IBM Tealeaf
  • SQL Server 2008
  • Informatica
  • MicroStrategy


  • Increased ecommerce ratio from 38% of total order to 64% of total orders by analyzing drop points and providing training to customers based on analysis of drop points
  • Reduced operational cost by retiring functions that are infrequently used
  • Promoted products based on the customer browsing activity by region, resulting in product sales increases in both breadth and depth

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