Product Engineering

Product Engineering

From end-to-end co-engineering services to specific project based engagements to drive specific outcomes, our Product Engineering services can be tailored to an ISV’s specific need – whether that ISV be a startup at concept stage or a mature global player.

Our approaches include:


So you’ve got the concept – whether well documented or on the back of a napkin – our team will engage to flesh out the short term roadmap while keeping longer term objectives in mind and get your team to an MVP quickly with deliverables that will serve as strong foundational building blocks for your eventual product.

Open Source

All of our engineering team members are strong advocates of Open Source software and several are active contributors in ongoing projects. They also understand where the intellectual property lines are drawn – meaning that they can bring the advantages of Open Source to bear on your needs while protecting your IP.

Cloud? APIs? Check and check.

Most products these days benefit from being built in the cloud and architected with an API model in mind – giving you advantages when it comes to re-use, scalability, extensibility, and maintenance.

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