Machine Learning & AI

Divensi helps you implement enterprise grade AI solutions using a combination of machine learning, predictive data analytics, and data science.

Machine Learning & AI

That the world is changing ever more quickly is not news. What’s far more interesting, we believe, is that the power of digital has brought us to the beginning of the next set of opportunities: reinvention rooted in artificial intelligence.

We started our Artificial Intelligence journey by applying our Data Science chops to the Geo-Spatial side of the house – and quickly accelerated into applying emerging technologies that build upon a strong Data Science foundation, namely Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and ultimately more high order Artificial Intelligence techniques to transform our Geo-Spatial business from an almost entirely manual data processing service into a nearly fully automated one – resulting in tremendous gains in processing times, accuracy, and dramatically lower operating costs.

And we’d like to share what we’ve learnt with you to see if we can help with your challenges next.

Some of our practice areas include

    • Machine Learning
    • Computer Vision
    • Fraud Analytics
    • Natural Language Processing

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