Case Study Of

Enterprise Data Warehouse for Data Center Company

Case Study : Enterprise Data Warehouse for Data Center Company


Customer has a product line tailored to solving unique customer requirements for large scale deployments of mission critical IT assets through innovative engineering solutions. Its infrastructure is spread across 25 locations globally. Customer serves clients that include over 130 of the Fortune 1000 and 9 of the Fortune 20 global companies.


Customer vision was to:

  • Develop Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) consisting of all aspects of data pertaining to all business subject areas
  • Integrate data from all Enterprise Data Feeds into EDW
  • Enable employee self-service
  • Build Business Intelligence & Analytics Platform
  • Secure critical data
  • Provide READ ONLY Transparent Access By Consumer


Divensi used its Daten data platform product to:

  • Consolidate data from various data sources—access data, finance & orders detail data, power utilization & sensors data, bandwidth consumption data, and other customer business data
  • Build the Data Acquisition & Integration layer
  • Design and build the Staging DB, Operational Data Store, and Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Create self-service operational reports, customer reports, dashboards, analytics and predictive analytics


  • Microsoft BI – Version SQL Server 2012
  • Control Flow Components, Data Flow Components, Transformation, Workflow Monitor
  • SharePoint 2013


The EDW implementation resulted in the following:

  • Gathering business and technical requirements
  • Performing ETL using Microsoft BI
  • Importing 36 daily and monthly data sources
  • Building an information delivery layer for historical reporting
  • Developing a custom change-data capturing process for historical reporting
  • Developing 43 daily and monthly reports using Tableau

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