Data Science

Make better use of your data so you can achieve better business outcomes with customized Data Science services from Divensi.

Data Science

As a data practitioner – whether it says so in your title or not – you and your team have likely already done a lot of work in figuring out how to manage an ever-increasing data set and leverage it for insights into how to do things even better.

Data Management, including:

    • Data Ingestion of structured and unstructured data from sources such as enterprise applications, databases, connected devices, social feeds, email repositories, log files, and JSON objects
    • Data Curation to pre-process, transform, and cleanse data sets
    • Data Sampling including data mining and understanding patterns
    • Data Cataloging to build data repositories that help data scientists explore data-sets
    • Extraction and Presentation to selectively use parts of the data set for other workflows and processes

Data Visualization & Modeling

  • o Discovery & Exploration, including

    • Algorithms
    • Operational Research
    • Data Models
    • Understanding & Visualizing Data Relationships
  • Decision Sciences

    • Structured Problem Solving and Guided Analytics Workbench
    • Decision Support Applications
    • Analytics Operationalization Systems
    • Intelligent Systems
    • Econometrics

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